In Life Skills, we focus on the skills an individual would need to be independent in their own home. We focus on choosing healthy habits through discussions and exercise. Clients that enjoy gardening can participate with their peers and staff in maintaining the flower and vegetable gardens that exist at both of our locations. We process all of the fruit and vegetables in our kitchens and all clients are able to enjoy the benefits of the garden regardless of ability. 

Community Skills places a focus on functional academics and community integrations. In this area, we teach skills needed to access the community. From banking, to the post office, learning to drive, assistance with form completion, or written communications with family and friends, our staff provides excellent training and supervision required for each of our clients to gain new strengths. Some attendees are able to access the community independently, but for those that are unable, our staff accompanies them into the community on a variety of integrations. Currently, we visit many local businesses on a daily basis; we enjoy garage sales in the summer; we visit the library; and sometimes we even take educational field trips. 

It is this and so much more that makes the Mille Lacs Co. Area DAC a great place to be, for both clients and staff. We are truly a community of people committed to improving the lives of the disabled and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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At the Mille Lacs Co. Area DAC we support individuals in all aspects of their lives. In our work program we assist our clients with building and maintaining the skills needed to work, either in our program, or in the community. Similarly, our clients receive assistance to build and maintain the skills needed to support themselves in the community and in the home. 

The Mille Lacs County Area DAC has specialized in obtaining vocational opportunities for disabled adults since 1970. We are proud of the services we provide and so excited to be able to share what we do with all of you! 

In both locations of our program we have an in-house work area where our enrollees learn valuable work skills. All of our participants have the opportunity to produce and earn a paycheck. Some work in-house, some in community-supported worksites, others in independent community enclaves, and some even do all three! The amount and time of work is individualized, so that each person achieves goals based on their desires, strengths, and abilities. 

In-house, our jobs consist of hand and machine assembly, hand and machine packaging, mailings, collating, and janitorial. The hand packaging and assembly jobs are paid on a piece rate, while the machine and janitorial jobs are paid at the current hourly minimum wage rate. In our community supported work sites our participants are skilled in janitorial, housekeeping, greenhouse/nursery, lawn care and commercial dish washing, and much much more. 

Contact us for more information or if you would like to take a tour at either of our facilities. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to meeting you!